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Warm and cozy; soft, powdery and comforting. A heliotrope lovers dream. I adore the sandal and benzoin in this. It has better silage on my skin then I expected and I hope the longevity is good as well. A great every day, laze around type of scent.

More than 220million people face below freezing temperatures on Friday, as temperatures are expected to drop further as the New Year's weekend continues.

Capacity: 4 person
Tent area: sf
Vestibule area: 30 sf in front, 15 sf in back
Max height: 50"
Price: $1395

The cover art for Legend was done by Phil Hartman , the brother of Poco manager John Hartmann; Phil Hartman worked as a graphic designer creating album covers for his brother's clients (including America ) while attempting to break out as a comic. [2]

Discovering this fragrance - truly an oriental vanilla - felt like a dream come true! I wandered across it while on a vanilla-base kick last year, searching for the perfect warm, clean, woody vanilla. And, indeed, experiencing Armani Lei is like moving through a soulful dream.

The fragrance greets me with a lovely clean, bright, not-sweet citrus, somewhere between bergamot and lime, and immediately descends (or rises?) into infinite, gorgeous powder clouds: soft, warm, woody. To me there seem two beautifully-blended "facets" - one, the angelic vanilla-almond-heliotrope, light and fluffy, and a second, the sandalwood-oakmoss earthy-woodiness, lending more depth and a surprising, pleasing masculinity amidst the otherwise typically-feminine heart notes. The other smooth, soft notes I notice - amber, tonka, musk - wrap these facets into a glorious symphony - skin-scented, earthy, and heavenly all at once.

Lei really is incredibly adaptable - perfect for relaxing at home, but also appealing and interesting enough to wear out and about - it seems to catch compliments. Another reviewer mentioned this being a great interview scent and I completely agree; it makes me feel grounded, confident, attractive, and presentable, while having the character of skinscent and very natural clean so being unlikely to offend. Its warmth and woodiness make it lovely in the cold seasons while its cleanliness and citrus make it comfortable and refreshing in the warm.

And while it can certainly span all seasons, I think the glory of Lei is at its best on a cool fall day, wet gray morning and brisk blue-sky-sunshine afternoon. So particularly as the searing midsummer temperatures are finally beginning to give way to cool autumn-tinted breezes, I'm looking forward to wearing this again, and again, and again.

In August 1977, with the support of the rest of Poco, Schmit quit to join the Eagles , coincidentally replacing former Poco member Meisner yet again. As a result, a fully produced live album recorded at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles in July 1977 was shelved by ABC. After languishing in storage for many years, the album was eventually released by John Thaler and Futuredge Music in partnership with Universal Special Projects as The Last Roundup in 2004.

Poco - InamorataPoco - InamorataPoco - InamorataPoco - Inamorata