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 · Probably my last non-LBLJ 16 star run. at least for a bit. Time to go learn LBLJ. I think this is as close as I can get to sub 20 Im happy.

Mario is controlled with the analog stick and can jump with the . The works just as the trigger did in Super Mario 64 . The player uses it to make Mario crouch, do Somersaults and do Long Jumps . The centers the camera behind Mario, while the can adjust the camera angle manually. By pressing the upper part of the , the player can enter a first person perspective.

Despite being finished and fully mastered, Star Fox 2 was mothballed ahead of its planned 1995 launch and many assumed that it would never see the light of day – until earlier this year, when it was confirmed as the "hidden" 21st game on the SNES Mini, unlockable upon completing the first level in the original Star Fox.

A remake of the game, titled Kirby Super Star Ultra [b] was released for the Nintendo DS in 2008. It includes all games found in the original, but adds several new ones, as well as featuring enhanced graphics, music, and sound effects and including 3D FMV cutscenes for all of the levels. Some translations are different; for example, what was translated as "Sir Meta-Knight" in the Super NES version is now translated as "Lord Meta Knight" in the DS version, and some Great Cave Offensive treasures' names have been re-translated to reference other Nintendo series as they did in the Japanese version (. "Turtle Shell" is now " Koopa Shell ", "Screw Ball" is now " Screw Attack ", and "Sword" is now " Falchion ").

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Various - Super 20 Star ParadeVarious - Super 20 Star ParadeVarious - Super 20 Star ParadeVarious - Super 20 Star Parade