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The Supreme Court yesterday rejected the claim by Peter and Hazelmary Bull that they acted within the law when they refused a room to Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall because they were not a heterosexual married couple.

Poor little Kirsha’s been a real trooper about her loss of hearing, we only hope she’ll be able to solider on in the face of a dire prognosis.

In the wake of her traumatic kidnapping and near-drowning at sea, Piper has developed what seems to be PTSD. How long will she be house-bound? Even if she’s able to overcome it, her and Tyler’s future looks set for more tragedy.

Sheila’s bout of low self-esteem has really taken us aback. Who could believe the surly Neighbourhood matriarch and queen of sharp witticisms could have been bullied in high school or ever in her life. Surely she will overcome this. We’re barracking for you Sheila.

Paige and Jack have been doing a wonderful job of co-parenting their son Gabe, but now it looks as though something terrible is in store for them and it involves the little cherub.

Sonya and Toadie have had the roughest year ever but they’ve come out stronger than ever. Love has already conquered this one, now for a big gesture…

And, sadly, so sadly, Tyler’s troubles look set to reach new heights with new information about the murder investigation coming to light. Devastating doesn’t even cover how we feel about this.

B.B. Queen - (I Wanna Be) Next To YouB.B. Queen - (I Wanna Be) Next To YouB.B. Queen - (I Wanna Be) Next To YouB.B. Queen - (I Wanna Be) Next To You